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The World Health Organization Should Be Held Accountable For This!

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The genetic sequence the World Health Organization (WHO) is claiming is COVID-19 is the same genetic sequence found in the human chromosome 8, primary assembly. Is it clear now why the viral microorganism has not and can not be isolated? Basically, what the WHO is calling a “virus” is actually a human genetic sequence,and verified by WHO and the NCBI.nlm.nih.gov website. So, why is a vaccine needed? It isn’t. But, the narrative has been set and Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and others stand to profit a great deal from the peddling of a poisonous vaccine containing the potential to alter human DNA. Registered Nurse and SonsOfLibertyMedia.com contributor Suzanne Hamner joins me in this episode to discuss this information, and I ask, when will WHO be held accountable for its lies and propaganda?

Articles mentioned in this episode.

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