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Strange Mockingbird Media Silence As Kate Shemirani Is Allegedly Wrongly Convicted (Video)

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This week, the Mockingbird media has gone strangely silence about the “trial” of The Sons of Liberty’s health and wellness expert Kate Shemirani, and her alleged wrongful conviction. Even internet searches don’t pull up any information on the trial, which she didn’t attend and, as we showed you last week, the court sent her documents concerning the trial days after the date on the mail! As we gave her time to speak out last week, which a link is provided below, along with court documents and evidence presented, Kate speaks about what is going on now, along with a little health information near the end.

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Several email records from CrowdJustice fund that the people pitched in to aid Kate in her legal bills. As you can see, more than 60,000 pounds have been transferred to Mr. Bullock and no accounting provided to Kate.

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