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Serving Up The Law To Criminals & Traitors Through Common Law Grand Juries (Video)

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The Common Law Citizens Grand Jury, it was a part of our culture for decades and throughout history it was a part of Western civilization to keep corruption in check. It has been largely ignored and forgotten by many in our society, as has the constitutional militia. I have personally endorsed TacticalCivics.com as a means that We the People can be the solution to resurrect these lost treasures to ensure law and order once again. Captain Karl Koenigs and Shawna Cox join me in this episode to talk about the need to restore the Common Law Citizens Grand Jury and how it ties in with the enforcement of the jury’s decision.

Articles, links and previous interviews mentioned in this episode.

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Shawna was the woman inside the vehicle that filmed the video below.

New Synced Video of Eyewitness Confirms Story about LaVoy Finicum Murder as FBI Agents are Under Investigation for Possible Misconduct (VIDEO)

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Text Rights To 80123


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Previous interviews with Capt. Karl.

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