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Injustice: State Trooper Rear Ends This Family At More Than 100 MPH – Family Charged (Video)

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Paige Hedquist was traveling at night with her five children in January when she was going to turn around in a driveway to head back in the opposite direction, but as soon as she attempted to make the turn, a Missouri State Trooper rammed into the back of her pickup truck at over 100 miles per hour destroying the truck, injuring Mrs. Hedquist and her children and sending the trooper’s vehicle 300 yards down the road. To add insult to injury, Mrs. Hedquist is the one being charged and faces 15 days in jail, but the the Trooper seems to be cover by his thin blue line privilege. Here their story in this episode.

The Hedquists have a court date at 9am on October 26, 2021 and would like for all who are able to attend to come and support them in court.

If you would like to help the Hedquists, a GiveSendGo account has been set up here

Please contact the Missouri Highway Patrol and demand they release the dashcam footage from Trooper Jason Philpott’s car on the evening of the accident. You can contact them by clicking here.

Please contact the District Attorney John Garrabrandt in Gainesville, located in Ozark County, and demand he release the dashcam video and stop seeking prosecution of Mrs. Hedquist. You can contact him here.

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Exodus 21

Deuteronomy 21

Matthew Pruit wrote the following concerning the accident on Facebook (images shown in this episode can be found there).

So my son and i have been helping a family that are battling the beast system ! A state trooper traveling at over a hundred miles per hour at night in a 55 zone with no lights or siren hit them at a 15* to 30* degree angle from behind and angled literally tearing the bead of there extra cab dodge truck completely off and spun the truck around over 180* degrees and flipped it over ! the trooper was in a little ford explorer ! The trooper I think his Name is Jason Philpot ! he went over three hundred yards / over 900 feet out in a field and through a horse fence after the crash ! It is obvious that the Crash was caused by the gorse negligence and reckless Driving that is un lawful and goes against policy and protocol and is a breach of the public Trust ! it is a miracle that the woman and her 5 children are still alive although they have trauma that will undoubtedly last a life time ! well now the beast system is trying to blame her and is prosecuting her to cover up there liability ! so we are teaching them how to fend for them selves and overcome the beast system and the evil of it ! Now they cant afford this battle and neither can we ! it costs lots of $ to pay for all the traveling back and forth about three hours one way and pay for all the processes and copy’s and registered mailings and Notaries and filings so on ! my son built them a trust and I have been going back and forth to help them ! and the system is so angry that we are helping them and exposing there evils that They arrested myself in court to try to keep me from helping the Family stand and bringing light to the darkness of the beast system ! They could not hold me or quiet my voice and in ten to fifteen minutes of me not fearing them or compromising or bowing they released me without me giving a name or signing anything ! it pissed the man acting as DA John Garabrant and the man acting as a judge Raymond Gross so much that they were both beat red and the administrator acting as Judge waving his arms stuttering and repeating himself while refusing to answer some basic questions so when he could not overcome myself he tried to force me to bow by arresting me without a order or cause or lawful warrant ! I just smiled and winked at Paige and Cory / the victim and her husband ! so we will need body’s in the court the end of October as witnesses and we need people to make many calls and emails asking questions and demanding that the Trooper and the State Of Missouri indemnify this family and stop the malicious prosecution and bring a Equitable Remedy to this awful situation ! I will put dates and times and information in comments ! FYI my computer has crashed and so has my internet so i am using a friends and my sons has done the same and some of our friends that are helping are having difficulty as well ! so be patient and continue to fallow this post and comments ! and if you can Donate or just stock up on Tree Resin Products and tell your friends about our products so we can help this family ! most importantly pray for all of us battling evil ! PruittsTreeResin.com ! come join us and lean how to stand or help teach others ! or make some calls and emails ! Freedom is not Free ! and Free Men dont bow or compromise !

Additional images of the truck and family as provided by the Hedquists.

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