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Setting Brushfires 08-29-2019: From The Tyranny Of Lincoln To Making America Again With David Zuniga

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David Zuniga of America Again and TacticalCivics.com joins me in this episode to discuss where we’ve come from, how we got to the place we are, and his vision for making America…again.

David M. Zuniga is a graduate of the University of Texas (BS, Architectural Engineering); for 28 years a professional engineer designing schools, churches, industrial and commercial buildings, he has been a cattleman, custom homebuilder, commercial contractor, SCUBA instructor, missionary pilot, and land surveyor.

Having founded four classical Christian K-12 schools in three states, he designed a curriculum with Latin, Logic, Rhetoric, and the Great Books of Western Civilization.

Shocked at the government fraud of 9/11, beginning in 2006 he spent 14 months in monastic seclusion, prayer and study of 110 key books. He wrote the first draft of the AmericaAgain! Declaration and refined the document with the help of many Americans including constitutionalist radio show host Mike Church and constitutional scholar and author Edwin Vieira Jr.

Establishing AmericaAgain! Trust with his brother in 2009, David wrote his first book This Bloodless Liberty in 2010 to convey his vision. In 2015 he published Fear The People, now in fourth edition, providing a full-spectrum action plan to restore popular sovereignty and rule of law. In 2018, he began writing the 7-volume Tactical Civics™ series, to break down this new way of life into brief booklets.

His newest book is ‘Republic A to Save‘, a 300-page collection of essays breaking down and explaining the only full-spectrum solution to restore America, called Tactical Civics.

David has been a guest on Infowars Nightly News and is a recurring guest on radio shows across the republic. His published articles have appeared on many blogs, forums and alternative media.

David and his wife of 43 years have two children and six grandchildren. They live in the Hill Country of Texas where they serve no king but King Jesus.

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