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Political Idolatry Like Never Seen Before Coming From Those Who Should Know Better (Video)

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It really is astounding to me to look around and see how the political idolatry has grown, and I’m not talking about that which takes place among the lawless who worship the state openly, but among those who profess to following the Lord Jesus Christ and yet, they continue to support and get behind Donald Trump. In this episode, we’ll take a look at the latest idolatry of Trump and look to what Scripture says is the right remedy.

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The Swiss are protesting and causing havoc at Rothschild’s castle

Nazis in Canada have gone full Gestapo

John D. Rockefeller’s father, William, taught John everything he knew about lies & deception

Jewish Rabbi Openly Admits Their Plans for White Genocide in Europe

Costumed municipal terrorists actively facilitating child trafficking

A man attacked a Las Vegas judge during sentencing!

3-Year-Old Leads Orchestra & He’s Awesome!

This morning at dawn the protest of farmers across Germany erupted

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