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A Vet Wants To Save Another Vet’s Life By Donating An Organ – Who Is Standing In The Way?

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He admitted to shooting an acquaintance at local 7-Eleven and agreed to an 11-year prison sentence, but before 33-year-old Ronald Pecora was set to begin that sentence, he planned to donate part of his liver to a local veteran in need. The judge, prosecutor and defense attorney all agreed to schedule sentencing for after the surgery, but at the last minute, the hospital told Pecora that he no longer qualifies to donate due to ethical issues. Eric Hughes Jones joins me to talk about this story and more and the race to save a veteran’s life. See how you can help.

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Articles mentioned in this episode and contact information.


Strong Memorial Hospital Cancels Transplant for Vietnam Veteran! Emergency Phone Blitz Needed to Save the Life of Dennis Jones

These people need to be called and emailed regarding this situation.  A man’s life is at stake!

  • Richard B. Handler, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Rochester, CEO and director of the Jefferies Financial Group, 212-284-2300
  • Marjorie Shaw, JD; Administrative: 585-275-5800; Office: 585-275-0174; Margie_Shaw@URMC.Rochester.edu
  • Cardinal & Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan, 212-371-1000
  • Sarah Mangelsdorf, President of University of Rochester, 585-275-6030; sarah.mangelsdorf@rochester.edu
  • Steven I. Goldstein, President and CEO of Strong Memorial Hospital, 585-275-7685; Steven_Goldstein@urmc.rochester.edu

Here is the Strong Memorial Hospital Ethics Committee, whose members are responsible for the life and possible death of their patient Dennis Jones:

  • Marianne Chiafery, PNP-C, MS; Marianne_Chiafery@urmc.rochester.edu; 585-276-5184
  • Carl D’Angio, MD; Office: 585-275-2972; Carl_Dangio@URMC.Rochester.edu
  • Richard Demme, M.D., FACP; 585-275-5800; Richard_Demme@URMC.Rochester.edu
  • David Kaufman, M.D., FCCM; Administrative: 585-273-1841; Office: 585-273-1911; David_Kaufman@URMC.Rochester.edu
  • Marjorie Shaw, JD; Administrative: 585-275-5800; Office: 585-275-0174; Margie_Shaw@URMC.Rochester.edu
  • Bernard L. Sussman, M.D.; 585-273-1154; Bernard_Sussman@URMC.Rochester.eduHere is the list of lifetime members and here is the list voting members of the Board of Trustees of the University of Rochester:Life members:
    • Aman, Alfred C., Jr.
    • Angeloff, Carl
    • Ascher, Everett S.
    • Balderston, William III
    • Bates, Ernest A., M.D.
    • Batkin, Alan R.
    • Beckman, Joel S.
    • Blumstein, Sheila E.
    • Brown, C. William
    • Brownlee, Paula P.
    • Burns, Ursula M.
    • Carpenter, William M.
    • Chandler, Colby H.
    • Chesonis, Arunas
    • Colodny, Edwin I.
    • Crockett, Bruce L.
    • Cushman, Jeanine Sullivan
    • Flaum, David
    • Frame, Robert B.
    • Friedlander, Roger B.
    • Gardner, Jerry
    • Gelband, Myra
    • Gifford, Bernard R.
    • Gleason, James S.
    • Goergen, Robert B.
    • Griner, Paul, M.D.
    • Hajim, Edmund A.
    • Hilfiker, Alan F.
    • Jackson, Thomas H.
    • Jones, Michael E.
    • Kelly, John M.
    • Knight, Ronald B.
    • Lange, Louis G., M.D.
    • LeChase, R. Wayne
    • Mack, Joseph P.
    • Manian, Bala S.
    • Messinger, Martin E.
    • Meyer, Barry M.
    • Moser, Nathan F.
    • Moses, Bruce H.
    • Munnerlyn, Charles R.
    • Neilly, Andrew H., Jr.
    • O’Brien, Dennis
    • Osieski, Robert M.
    • Peck, William A., M.D.
    • Prokupets, Elena A.
    • Rea, C. Woodrow, Jr.
    • Richardson, Arthur M.
    • Rosen, Michael S.
    • Sands, Richard E.
    • Scheerschmidt, Robert H.
    • Seligman, Joel
    • Sonnenschein, Hugo F.
    • Standish, Peter D.
    • Stark, Raymond C.
    • Whitney, Ralph R., Jr.
    • Willett, Janice M.
    • Williams, Carl C.
    • Winters, Mary-Frances
    • Wisch, Nathaniel, M.D.
    • Wyant, James C.

    Voting members:

    • Aab, Richard T.
    • Abrams, Joseph W.
    • Ain, Mark
    • Beal, Joan S.
    • Benet, Jay S.
    • Bergman, Nomi M.
    • Biggar, Stephen R., M.D.
    • Bloch, Laurence H.
    • Boehning, H. Christopher
    • Bruning, John H.
    • Bruno, Elizabeth P.
    • Burger, Barbara J.
    • Davidson, Carol (John) A.
    • Drummond, Launcelot F.
    • Ferrari, Bernard T., M.D.
    • Fullwood, Emerson U.
    • Gabrellian, Ani N.
    • Greene, Gwen
    • Handler, Richard B.
    • Karp, Carol D.
    • Keegan, Robert
    • Kessler, Laurence
    • Lam, Evans Y.
    • Lieberman, Nancy A.
    • Lione, Gail A.
    • Mangelsdorf, Sarah C.
    • Miller, Edward D., M.D.
    • Minehan, Cathy E.
    • Murray, Kathleen A.
    • Nataraj, Naveen
    • Parker, Sandra A.
    • Pérez-Deisboeck, Lizette
    • Pizzo, Philip A., M.D.
    • Price, Francis L.
    • Prince, Brian F.
    • Rettner, Ronald M.
    • Richards, Thomas S.
    • Saunders, E. Philip
    • Sloan, Thomas R.
    • Waller, Kathy N.
    • Wegman, Daniel R.
    • Wentworth, Timothy C.
    • Wilmot, Thomas C., Sr.
    • Zekelman, Alan S.

Click here to download New York State Department of Health Office of Professional Medical Conduct complaint form



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