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Things You May Have Missed This Week While The Coronavirus & DC WWE Were Taking Media Center Stage

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This week, the continuing saga of DC WWE, as well as the coronavirus stories, have continued to take center stage. Sadly, while the coronavirus probably is something that people should be prudent about, the fact of the matter is there are far greater threats to life and liberty occurring at the hands of our representatives and those entrusted with authority in our society. Plus, there’s been several stories you might have missed this week due to the focus on the shiny object of coronavirus.

Articles mentioned in this episode:

Colorado: 10-Year-Old Handcuffed, Arrested & Charged With Felony For Playing With Nerf Bow & Arrow

Immoral Doctor Suggests Involving Children To Witness Murder By Physician Procedures Beneficial To Them

St. Louis: Muslim Migrant Robs, Beats, Stabs Woman With Metal Rod – Let Off Due To IQ Of 49

California: Video Released Showing Police Kill “ER” Actress During Welfare Check While She Was Having A “Seizure”

These Bikers Have Organized To Keep Kids Safe & Stand With Them Against Those Who Abuse Them

New York’s Thin Blue Line: Cop Attempts Mass Shooting Inside Bar – Arrested For Attempted Murder & Set Free With No Bail

Facebook Targets Woman For Thanking People For Prayer, Posting About Grace & More

Dozens Of Bills In Congress Advancing Globalism & They’re Being Pushed By Republicans & Democrats – President Has Signaled His Support Of Such Legislation

Another Illegal Alien Charged With Felony Rape Of A Minor Protected By NYC Sanctuary City

Illinois: Muslim Leader Declares “Allah will grant us the Caliphate….Under its leadership, Rome will be conquered”

DoD Linguist Charged With Passing Highly Classified Intel To Hezbollah Operative

and on the coronavirus front…

So, You’re A Muslim Shrine-Licker In Iran – You Will Face Prison & Flogging (Video)

Wuhan Residents Heckle Vice PM: “Fake! Everything Is Fake!” (Video)

Trump’s Surgeon General Hypocritically Tells Americans “Stop Buying Face Masks” Because They Are ” Not Effective” While Complaining Healthcare Providers Can’t Get Them



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