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The US Matrix: How Government Is Seeking To Turn Us Into Widgets

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The government is seeking to turn both us and our children from human beings, made in the image of God, to nothing more than widgets, or a Communist workforce, for their own gain and power. How would HR 6415 help this Matrix-type scene play out? Breeding servants (our children) of the State (and retraining adults) through ‘civics education.’ And yes, this globalist, Communist, United Nations agenda continues on with extra force under the current administration.

C.A.W.: Competent American Widgets

DeVos’s first press release for competitive student grants for workforce prep/jumpstart the economy post COVID-19:
https://www.ed.gov/news/press-releases/secretary-devos-launches-new-student-centered-grant-competition-spur-short-term-education-opportunities-entrepreneurship-and-economic-growth-america-reopensDeVos’s second on the latest CTE aligned State ‘winners’:

If you really want to see how close to reality the Matrix is becoming:

The National network for Perkins Funding (based on every 5 to 17 year old in the country, regardless of school choice). PF is what CTE and some STEM programs are based in.


Articles are unlined and should be embedded links viewers/listeners can access. You can right click, and go straight to the article for the show):
From May 2018, the article where you can find the CTE Pledge each State must take.
From July 2018 (just before the Strengthening CTE law was signed), I showed you how Congress passed the Bill by a voice vote, not a roll call vote.
From August 2018, just what the new CTE law would actually do: expand the federal government/lock in a national workforce/lock in an Executive Order for more apprenticeships, and SO much more.
From Feb. 2020, ‘Ageless’ C.A.W.s (as young as 6 years old and up, for alignment/national economic gain).



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