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NanoTech Exec Filing Lawsuits To Expose Players At Center Of Coronavirus/COVID-19

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Uncovering what is going on with what is taking place and the show that is being played out concerning the ongoing propaganda that the world is being fed, Karl Schwarz, the nanotech exec, has an inside view of what is taking place and has a unique view due to two lawsuits he is filing about what is actually taking place and the players at the center. Karl’s company, Tokata Nanotech Group, is at the forefront of nanotechnology, but chose to go the commercial route rather than sell out to defense contractors and weapons manufacturers. Karl claims the strain of the coronavirus in the US came from the US, not China.

Karl was at a restaurant to use the internet so, my apologies for the background noise.

Here is the Silver Bullet document Karl mentioned in the interview.

Evidence the COVID 19 Pande… by Tim Brown on Scribd

Karl has also provided his book, One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas: A Conservative Republican Speaks Out, as a free download below and here.

One-Way Ticket to Crawford,Texas:A Conservative Republican Speaks Out by Tim Brown on Scribd

The previous interview with Karl and The Sons of Liberty’s health and wellness expert, Kate Shemirani.

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Karl Swartz, The NanoTechExcec explains all!

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