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The Coronavirus Hoax: It’s Not About Liberty, It’s About Tyranny

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From DC Coronavirus Task Force Lies To The Tyrannical Threats of Governors, The Coronavirus Hoax Is In Full Effect.

We’ll cover as much as we can in this episode.

Articles mentioned in this episode:

The Coronavirus Hoax: Overhyped To Bring About More Tyranny

The Complete & Utter Stupidity & Unconstitutional Guidelines Of Coronavirus Taskforce Doctor (Video)

Family Who Says They Do Not Have COVID-19 Under “Forced Quarantine” By Police

CDC Estimates 12,000-61,000 Deaths From Flu Annually Since 2010 – But We’re Locking Down For A Little Over 100 Deaths From Coronavirus



While Coronavirus Is Distracting Everyone, Trump’s DOJ Aiding Hillary Clinton To Avoid Email Scandal Deposition




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