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Is Q Really To Be Believed About Taking Down The Deep State Or Is It A Psyop?

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The anonymous “Q” has risen in popularity since the group began posting nearly three years ago. However, are they to be believed? There is no doubt that much of the information they provide and many of the questions and things they point their followers to are important and even truthful. However, what is the end game for Q really? Is it a real attempt to rid the world of the Deep State, pedophiles and ruthless criminals, restore constitutional money and bring in peace and prosperity, or is it something far more sinister with malice? Victor Porlier joins me in this episode and his unique experience and understanding just may give us the answer.  See Victor’s resume below.

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Victor’s resume and additional information you can research on the subject discussed:

Victor Porlier is a management strategy and idea marketing consultant located in the Capital District in upstate New York, North Country Advisors.
Educated in economics, political science, and public & business administration at UC Berkeley, Oxford,  Cambridge, and the Naval War College, he worked in the US Department of State, USAID, NSC, BOB,  and in the foreign affairs community in the Beltway and abroad in the 60s. His last position in DC was as USAID’s Chief of Information Systems Development.
In the 70s he was a college instructor teaching economics, international relations, philosophy, critical thinking & semantics, comparative religion, and Middle East politics.
In the 80s until the present, as a strategy and systems consultant to family-owned firms, investment firms,  foundations, think tanks, and political campaigns.
He is a Heritage Foundation listed public policy expert in these areas
  • Education
  • Standards, curriculum, and testing
  • Environmentalism
  • Media and popular culture
  • Political correctness and multiculturalism
  • Religion and public life
  • Islam & the Middle East
He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Washington, DC,  National Center for Public Policy Research
RESUME OUTLINE – Victor Porlier
North Country Advisors
Senior Strategy Consultant · 2008 to present · Albany, New York
Strategic management analysis (strategy, systems, team building), executive coaching, public relations, idea marketing, and sales advice to family-owned firms, foundations, public policy think tanks, and other non-profits
Randolph Foundation
Director, Mgt Assistance Program for Grantees · 1992 to 2007 · Manhattan, New York
Non Profit organizations
Public Policy Think Tanks
Newsradio KONP
Radio Talk Show Host · 1987 to 1990 · Port Angeles, Washington
Current Affairs Interviews with National Personalities
Laney Advisors
Management Consultant · 1986 to 1992 · Seattle, Washington
Strategic Planning
Business Plan creation
Executive coaching
Organizational Systems
Team building
Idea marketing
Political campaigns
Laney Advisors
Registered Investment Advisor · 1982 to 1986 · Seattle, Washington
Antioch University
College Instructor · 1978 to 1980 · Seattle, Washington
Middle East Politics
Money & Banking
Peninsula College
College Instructor · 1976 to 1981 · Port Angeles, Washington
International Relations
Comparative Religion
Critical Thinking & Semantics
Traveling, Academic Studies, & Research 1973-1976
North Country Ranch
Livestock Ranch Hand ·  1971-1972 · Browning, Montana
1000 acre cattle ranch, various duties
State Department, Agency for International Development
Varied Positions 1961-1970  Washington, District of Columbia
Chief of Information systems Development
Office of Mgt Planning
Congressional Liaison
Public Information Office
Sudan Desk
Special Asst to Assitant Administrator of the Africa Bureau
Detailed to NSC/BOB inter-agency task force Foreign Affairs Information Mgt Effort (FAIME)
Foreign Affairs Information Management Effort – FAIME
Senior Analyst · 1965 to 1966 · Washington, District of Columbia
Detailed to Inter-Agency Task Force: Foreign Affairs Information Management Effort (FAIME) Designing compatible global management information systems, Installed pilot projects in Turkey, India, Thailand, and the Philippines
Alameda County Civil Service Commission
Personnel Analyst, County Hospital System· 1960 to 1961 · Oakland, California
U. S. Naval Security Group Reserves
Communications Technician · 1955 to 1963 · Washington, District of Columbia
Naval War College
In 2002 – War Gaming · Newport, Rhode Island
Cambridge University, King’s College,
In 1997 – Global Business Systems ·
Oxford University, Blackfriars College
In 1997 – Political Theory
Oxford University, Brasenose College
In 1995  – Contemporary Christian Literature
Oxford University, St. Catherine’s College
In 1986 – Micro Enterprise & Economic Development ·
Islamic Center, Washington, DC
In 1965 – Studied Arabic and Islamic Culture
UC Berkeley
Class of 1960 · MA Public Administration & Urban Studies · Berkeley, California
UC Berkeley
Class of 1959 · BA Dual Major: Economics & PoliSci · Minor Accounting · Berkeley, California
Long Beach City College
Class of 1957 · AA Economics & PoliSci · Long Beach, California
Student Body President
Woodrow Wilson High School, Long Beach, California
Class of 1955
President, Student Legislature
Outstanding Young Men of America,1965
Eagle Scout. 1951
Involved in the movement towards national and global SOCIALISM/COLLECTIVISM are these THREE interacting prongs:
The Socialist-Capitalist Alliance: the Fabian Society, the Frankfurt School, and Big Busines
(left out of this outline are the Sino-Soviet-Iran block, Trans-national Criminal Cartels/Syndicates, and varied politically involved occult secret societies).
Also: See [

https://www.winterwatch.net/2019/02/sabbatean-frankism-as-the-paradigm-of-the-modern-left/ ]

I. REVOLUTIONARY SOCIALISM- (Militant Marxism has been largely transformed into Cultural Marxism by the FRANKFURT SCHOOL)
The Architects of Western Decline: A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism- Max Horkheimer, director of the Frankfurt School in 1930 wrote,“The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.”
[https://www.culturewarresource.com/architects-western-dec…/… ]
This is a summary study of the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxist philosophy which now largely controls much of Western intellectualism, politics, and culture.
It was by design; it was created by an internationalist intelligentsia to eradicate Western values, social systems, and European racial groups in a pre-emptive attempt to spark global, communist (think liberal-left) revolution.
One of the most subversive and successful ideological change agents of the 20th Century working in mutually re-enforcing tandem with other inter-connected organizational thrusts.
II. EVOLUTIONARY SOCIALISM of the Fabian Society (founded 1884) and its Progressivist branches and creations funded in part by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers:
London School of Economics(1895), Frank Lester Ward publishes Dynamic Sociology in 2 volumes (1887), Edward Bellamy publishes Looking Backward (1888),, the UK Labour Party (1900), UK National Health Service (1911), Coefficients Dinner Club (1902) The American Fabian Society (1895) , the US Intercollegiate Socialist Society (1905), National Council of Churches (1908), New School for Social Research in NY (1919), League of Nations (1920), World Court (1922), the Lucis Trust (1922) and the Trust’s branches in Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and World Goodwill at the UN, and it’s Temple of Understanding (1960), and the Lucis Trust’s World Service Fund’s United Religions Initiative (1995), League for Industrial Democracy (1921), Students for a Democratic Society (1962-1969), ACLU (1917), NAACP (1909), Deweyite Education and Keynesian Economic policies, United Nations (1945), World Federalists 1947), National Organization for Women – NOW (1966), the Democratic Socialists of America (1982), Congressional Progressive Caucus (1991), et al
For more depth on Evolutionary Socialism/Progressivism examine the many informative articles in the archives at [ https://progressingamerica.blogspot.com/]
III. TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATISM – NWO GLOBALISM (economic neo-fascism/corporate socialism) of the Round Table Movement of Rothschild, Rhodes, Milner, & Rockefeller and such creations as; the Pilgrims Society (1902), Rockefeller created the General Education Board (GEB) to guide American education and in time funded and guided teacher training institutions, especially Columbia Teacher’s College. Rockefeller also funded and founded the University of Chicago, Rockefeller University , the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health as well as the Rockefeller University Press beginning this process in1903, National Council of Churches (1908), Oxford University Rhodes Scholars (founded 1909), Oxford University Press publishes and promotes the Scofield Reference Bible (1909) and supporting Christian Zionism thereafter, Rockefeller funded Flexner Report led to the takeover of American Medical school curriculum and the creation of the allopathic monopoly of the AMA (1910), Federal Reserve System, income tax, & tax-exempt foundation legistlation (1913), ADL (1913), created Brookings Institute (1916), RIIA (Chatham House) & CFR (Pratt House) (both founded in 1921), Tavistock Institute (1922), Bank for International Settlements (1930), Columbia University’s Howard Scott founds Technocracy, Inc & Aldous Huxley publishes his Brave New World (1932), OSS (1942), IMF & World Bank (1944), United Nations (1945), the National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency (1947), RAND Corporation (1948), NATO (1949),Council on Foundations (1949),especialy the Council’s Affinity Groups,and Carnegie,Ford,and Rockefeller foundations, Rockefeller foundation funded Margaret Sanger & Planned Parenthood (1924) and Alfred Kinsey’s Institute for Sex Research (1947), Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies (1949) Bilderberg Group (1954), Atlantic Council (1961), Club of Rome (1965), Trilateral Commission (1972), Committee of Thirty (1978), UN’s International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resouces ( Sustainable Development) (1980), UN World Commission on Environmentand Development (Brundtland Commission) (1983), produces Our Common Future (1987), the basis for Agenda 21 in (1997) and eventually the 2030 Agenda for Sutsainable Growth (2015), the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (2015), and the New Urban Agenda-Habitat III (2016), NAFTA (1992), World Trade Organization (1995), et.al



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