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Setting Brushfires 12-26-2019: The Grand Strategy Was Deception & America Is Falling For It

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America is on the edge and tensions are rising. Impeachment, Russian collusion, red-flag laws, gun control, illegal immigration, constant accusations of racism, transgenderism and finally, the rising debt are all lending to the perfect storm where absolute chaos will enable the globalists to enact the control they have been pursuing for over a century. Most Americans have no idea where to stand on many of these issues as they live their lives in an innocent, albeit ignorant bliss. The rest of us follow along believing that the nation is made up of two rival political factions. One righteously fighting for the American way and the other made up of communists, hell bent on America’s destruction. However, the truth is rooted in history and historical writings if people would just, once again, learn to think for themselves. Former Marine and author David Risselada joins me in this episode to share what he has learned in the system, through his investigations and as he watches what unfolds before our very eyes and how Vladimir Lenin’s statement “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” is happening right before us.

Articles mentioned in this episode:

Gun control and constitutional incompetence in the ranks

The Grand Strategy Was Deception

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