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Setting Brushfires 12-20-2019: While You Were Distracted With Impeachment, This Has Been Going On

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While America has been fed the WWE Royal Rumble of Impeachment, Congress has passed more unconstitutional legislation, including the tyrannical PATRIOT Act reauthorization, is looking to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, and the House has passed amnesty for over a million illegals. However, it’s not just Congress. The President signed the PATRIOT Act’s reauthorization and I don’t see him vetoing the other things, as well as many other unconstitutional bills. Yet, we are told there is really political opposition going on. Remember, USMCA waits in the wings and that’s not pretty. So, on today’s episode, I show you just what is actually going on under the cover of the dog & pony show impeachment nonsense.

Article mentioned in this episode:

While You Were Distracted By A Phony Impeachment – Congress Reauthorizes Tyrannical PATRIOT Act


While You’re Focused On Dog & Pony Show Impeachment, House Passed Amnesty For Over 1 Million Illegals

While You’re Distracted By Fake Impeachment Hearings, This Unconstitutional Legislation Is Up For Re-Authorization By Congress



How the Clowns in the Circus of Politics Keep the Show Going-When Will Americans Learn? (Video)

Enumerated Powers of Congress

The President’s Enumerated Powers – Rulemaking by Executive Agencies & Executive Orders

Setting Brushfires 11-18-2019: Red Flag Laws, USMCA & Article V Promoters: Leading America On The Road To Tyranny

The USMCA “Trade Agreement” violates our Constitution and sets up Global Government 





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