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Setting Brushfires 12-23-2019: Virginia, The 2nd Amendment & The Constitutional Militia with Dr. Edwin Vieira

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As Virginia’s representatives and governor act outside the confines of the law to oppress their people in what can only be seen as a pressure point to see just how far people will tolerate tyranny, the vast majority of counties in Virginia have declared themselves to be Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities, and at least one county has sought to form its own militia. Is this a good thing? Is it lawful? Or is there a better way to deal with the tyranny Virginia is facing. Constitutional scholar and attorney Dr. Edwin Vieira joins me in this episode to talk about what is going on in Virginia and to point out what the constitutional militia actually is and how the counties in Virginia can lawfully train the citizens for the militia.

Militia, as defined by Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

MILI’TIAnoun [Latin from miles, a soldier; Gr. war, to fight, combat, contention. The primary sense of fighting is to strive, struggle, drive, or to strike, to beat, Eng. moil, Latin molior; Heb. to labor or toil.] The body of soldiers in a state enrolled for discipline, but not engaged in actual service except in emergencies; as distinguished from regular troops, whose sole occupation is war or military service. The militia of a country are the able bodied men organized into companies, regiments and brigades, with officers of all grades, and required by law to attend military exercises on certain days only, but at other times left to pursue their usual occupations.

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