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Setting Brushfires 11-14-2019: The United Nations Claims American Taxpayer Purchased Facilities As “International Territory” – But These Guys Are Fighting Back!

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In the first United Nations conference outside New York City in the united States of America, the UN took over Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah and claimed it was “international territory.”  In the process, the were shutting down a journalist’s rights to video.  On August 26, 27, 28 of 2019, the United Nations procured the venue of Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah for a conference.  The Utah state legislature provided $650,000 for the conference.  However, as a journalist attempted to video the conference, specifically one of the security personnel, who is clearly a foreigner, she was told she didn’t have permission to video the woman’s face and that Salt Palace was designated “international territory.”  Ben McClintock, co-founder of DefendingUtah.org joins me in this episode to discuss what went on and how his organization is fighting against tyranny in Utah at the local, state and federal levels.

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Defending Utah

Editor’s Note:  I believe it my duty to inform readers and listeners that Mormonism is also promoted at Defending Utah.  While I certainly appreciate and applaud Ben and Defending Utah’s fight against tyranny in Utah, which seems to be very effective in a lot of areas, I must point out the Mormonism is not historically biblical nor is it orthodox Christianity and does hold forth a different God the Father and Jesus Christ, and as a result, a different gospel, which the apostle Paul says is no gospel at all (Galatians 1:8-9) .  For more on the differences, I highly recommend James White’s excellent work Is The Mormon My Brother?

UN Takes Over Utah Taxpayer-Funded Venue – Claims It’s “International Territory” & Shuts Down Journalists (Video)

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