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Event 202: The Resistance Against The Lies & Population Control Of Bill Gates & The NWO

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Following the alleged outbreak of coronavirus across the world, videos began to be referenced of Event 201, in which people from all over the world began to talk about a worldwide pandemic and what would be done to respond to it. Now, the lies of Event 201, vaccines, false information about healthcare, viruses and 5G are going to be exposed by a panel of experts from around the world. “Allegedly” Dave Murphy joins me, who is heading up the event, in this episode to talk about what the panel will be focused on and how they plan to get the truth out to the people of the Earth.

Dave is an author, researcher and speaker who began a 16 year quest for truth after witnessing 9/11 up close and finding problems with the official narrative.

After discovering some startling information about cancer and the Medical system, Dave embarked upon eight years of extensive research and self-experimentation, culminating in his first book, “The Human Body: Owner’s Workshop Manual“.

Dave has worked on various eco-village, off-grid and free energy projects, he also founded Awake Radio, an internet talk radio station, and worked on several Alternative Energy projects.

Dave currently travels around the world giving talks, workshops, television and radio interviews on a wide variety of topics, and helping people free of charge.  Find him on the web at: https://www.allegedlydave.com.

As an obligation and issue of conscience, Dave and I disagree about key issues of who the Christ is and who the true people of God are, but the information that needs to be exposed in Event 202 is vital for all people and thus why it is relevant and very important that all people across the world know this information.


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