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Rotten Education & Zero Grace In These COVID-19 Times

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Obedience to the beast! That is the indoctrination of the current education system, and if you point out the beast’s glaring hypocrisies, you will be silenced. Additionally, the system is demanding you do exactly what they are telling you to do even though they are not doing it themselves. In today’s episode, Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor exposes that the emperor has no clothes during the COVID-19 hype and hoax.

More information from Lynne, including articles and videos in this episode:

Fads/Fundamentals 2020

A Scientific Ploy

Ready For More Fed ED?

USMCA: The Crushing Blow That Will Destroy America As We Know It

It’s no secret that DeVos and the Trumps love STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math) and push it every opportunity they get. My blog is full of researched evidence using their own words/documents. https://www.commoncorediva.com/?s=Trump+DeVos+STEM&submit=Search

DeVos is pushing on-line learning as a ‘solution’ to COVID-19. We the People have a small window of opportunity to comment on this. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/04/02/2020-05700/distance-education-and-innovation


Is this the future for Amerika?

Is this the future for Amerika?This video shows why Big Telecom loves #coronavirus. The quarantine has facilitated the unobstructed #5G rollout and has effectively ended the opportunity for mass public protests which were our best hope for derailing the 5G robber barons from microwaving our country and destroying nature. The Telecom Titans now have an open road, willing politicians and a compliant population sufficiently frightened, beleaguered, broke and submissive to relinquish their constitutional freedoms and welcome the surveillance state.5G has little to do with improving service to individuals. It has everything to do with #BigTech data mining, surveillance and social control. If we don’t stop them, they will engineer a massive transfer of wealth and sovereignty away from our citizens into the hands of Big Telecom, Big Tech (Microsoft, Facebook, Google) #BigPharma, the military/intelligence apparatus and the ruling plutocrats. Chief among these is Bill Gates with his sinister anti-American tracking system (ID2020), his suspiciously coincidental October 2019 Coronavirus War Game simulations (Gates passed out adorable coronavirus themed stuffed animals to all the high level participants), his pandemic documentary on #Netflix, his autocratic control of Anthony Fauci and the WHO (for which he is the top funder), his coronavirus #vaccine patents and his barely disguised — let’s be honest — giddy-delight at the quarantine that is impoverishing his countrymen and crushing their will to resist his tyrannical “reforms.”Gates wants us to cede all power to his “benevolent” dictatorship —including power over our bodies, our health and our children. Gates is the nerdy kid with the magnifying glass. The rest of us are ants getting torched in his global science experiment.

Posted by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr on Monday, March 30, 2020

Stop the overreaches at fed/state/local levels in the name of ‘safety’ for We the People.


Local PACT (Police and Community Together) https://www.facebook.com/PACTNC/



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