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Before & After 9/11: What The Government Has Been Plotting Is Coming To Pass

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Celeste Solum worked for the people of the united States. What she witnessed as an employee inside our government prior to 9/11 and after, along with seeing the plans made against the American people by those entrusted with upholding the law and the Constitution shocked her and she has written extensively on it and spoken in several forums on various subject regarding her findings. Celeste joins me in this episode.

Celeste Solum is an author, and former government, organic farmer and trained in nursing and environmental medicine. Celeste chronicles the space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies. Cycles are converging, all pointing to a cataclysmic period between 2020 to 2050 in what many scientists believe is an Extinction Level Event.

According to Celeste, tracking goods and people will be a part of managing the population during this convergence.

  • Backstories on tracking
  • Technologies
  • Infrastructure
  • Diseases, Testing, Vaccinations, and Sensors (including nCov and the new Phytophthora ~the plant-destroyer
  • Experiences

You can follow Celeste’s work and support here at the following sites:


GenSix, Keynote Speaker, True Legends, Ancient Cataclysms & Coming Catastrophes



REVISED 2020 EDITION “Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions” book  

7- Thunders Revealed” book 

Videos: Celestial Report,  Special Broadcasts, Breaking News by Subscription

NanoTech Exec Filing Lawsuits To Expose Players At Center Of Coronavirus/COVID-19

The Virus Lies & What They Are Leading Towards With Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Video I mentioned on nanotech and HAARP by Dana Ashlie.

Additional information Celeste has provided for our readers and viewers.

Celeste Solum – “Setting The Record Straight: Attacks On My Credibility & Work History” – Update 7/6/20-

911:  Before and after
  • Includes federalization of all property
  • Electronic Identification of all biological life
  • 24/7 surveillance
Clade X Pandemic Exercise, Why was this pandemic exercise so different than others?:  https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/events/2018_clade_x_exercise/
World Economic Forum 18 platforms to change the world:  https://www.weforum.org/platforms:


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