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When Michigan Brownshirts & Judges Violate Law Against A Real Constitutional Attorney (Video)

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Constitutional attorney Katherine Henry was called to explain the law to Allegan County, Michigan sheriff’s deputies on Election Day 2020 due to a complaint filed by the clerk at the precinct claiming that people gaining signatures under the protection of the law were somehow violating the law. She drove to the precinct only to have three of the modern day brownshirts of the sheriff’s office bully and manhandle her, ultimately arresting her without obeying the law themselves. After a short time, she was released but has been an ongoing and expensive court battle in which tyrannical judges won’t even allow her to use the law as her defense and have destroyed court video records of her hearings. Each of the brownshirts, as well as the judges, are engaged in such criminal behavior that it can bring a penalty up to and including death. She joins me in this episode to tell her story prior to her hearing on Wednesday, July 21-2021.

For years, Katherine was a general practice attorney doing everything from divorce and criminal law to basic estate planning and everything in between. Katherine is also trained and experienced in General Civil Mediation, Domestic Relations Mediation, Restorative Justice, Agriculture and Rural Development Mediation, Special Education Mediation, IEP Facilitation, Civil Rights Mediation, Bankruptcy Mediation, Adult Guardianship Mediation, and Child Protection Mediation. She has worked in the legal field for 20 years, and is licensed to practice law in the State of Michigan, Saginaw Chippewa tribal court, Eastern District of Michigan federal court, Western District of Michigan federal court, and the United States Supreme Court. Katherine’s undergraduate background included studies in statistical analysis, political science, and public administration.

Serving as a local public official, and being a licensed attorney, Katherine has taken the oath to defend the US and Michigan Constitutions several times, and she takes that oath quite seriously.

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