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A Victory In Michigan Against A Tyrannical Governor & A New Fight Brews

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When Michigan Governor led other tyrannical governors in violating her oath of office, the US and Michigan Constitutions, and infringing on the liberties of the people, she had no idea that the people would fight back, and fight back they did, winning a supreme court decision against her… twice. Constitutional attorney Katherine Henry joins me to tells the story of how the patriots in the state won the day and briefly discuss the alleged planned “kidnapping” of the governor, as well as Whitmer’s administration declaring that voters cannot go to the voting polls armed.

Find out more from Katherine Henry at the following websites:

Restore Freedom

Katherine Henry

Articles and documents mentioned in this episode.

Text of US Constitution

Text of Michigan Constitution

How To Sue Your Governor With Allan Stevo

“Burn Your Masks”: Attorney Katherine Henry Wins Over The Tyrant In Michigan

Michigan: Administration Bans Open Carry At Polls

BOE Open Carry Polling Place Instructions 10-16-2020 705274 7 by Tim Brown on Scribd



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