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War Against The Core: Satanism, Earth Worship & UN Indoctrination Coming Into Public Schools

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If you think you have no socialism already present in America, please pay attention. You do, I do..we all do! Our window of opportunity to fight this WILL NOT depend on our current Administration or future Administrations. If socialism doesn’t bother you, as far as your children from EVERY aspect of living and education, being exposed, then I hope the Gaia/Satanic/UN proof will!

Articles and websites mentioned in this episode.

Ready For Radical Upheaval?

#WhiteHouseSiege – This Group Plans to “Lay Siege to” and “Occupy” the White House Next Month


Link to the History of Lausanne Covenant (Rev. Billy Graham will be there)

How Lausanne Covenant is working with the UN’s SDGs in Jesus’ name:

Link to UN Dec. of Human Rights:

Link to article about Occupy Wall Street helping the fallacious ‘school choice’ Opt Out movement:

Link to Occupy Wall Street being tied to Antifa:

Link to CCSS aligned curriculum using Occupy Wall Street for social justice change agents in education (even used in community settings):

Google Drive Document with more CCSS aligned social justice (based off Occupy Wall Street **Note: if you can’t open it, let me know ahead of time so I can email it to you.):

Link to Occupy Wall Street curricula from higher education:


Article was published 6/17/2020 by Toni Harrison, if the link wants to act up.

Here’s a very ‘politically correct’ take on emoji use:

This website, if I remember correctly, was part of the Instagram images:

Lastly, this one supports emoji use can be automatic racism if used incorrectly:

#Occupy Literature!_ Lasting Lessons of the Occupy Movement by Tim Brown on Scribd



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