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The Teaching That Has Hamstrung The American Church (Video)

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In this episode, I was planning on finishing up part 2 of the fulfillment of Ezekiel 27. However, coming across a video and comments in previous videos on the subject I’ve been covering for several weeks now, I decided it might be an opportunity to reinforce what the Scriptures declare and also answer objectors. Thus, we take a brief look at the theological construct known at Dispensationalism. I’m not talking about dispensations mentioned in the Bible, but an entire “end times” distortion of what Scripture declares that has been pulled over the whole of the Bible. You’ll see first hand the very doctrines that have hamstrung the American Church for more than 100 years and you’ll see the political implications of these false teachings as well.

Articles, links, Scriptures, video and bonus videos mentioned in this episode.

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