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The Religion of Q, Targeting Silver, Vaccines & “Domestic Terrorism”

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Q gets exposed as a religion, investors see how they can manipulate the markets with Gamestop and other stocks and now target silver, the latest on deaths from the CONvid-1984 vaccine and the push to make domestic terrorists out of a majority of Americans is what we’ll talk about in this episode. The answer to all of this is first, repentance and second, justice.

Articles and previous shows mentioned in this episode.

QAnon Exposed As A False Religion

The King’s Prophets Have No Clothes

Reddit Investors To Target Silver – That Could Change EVERYTHING

Facebook To “Dispell Political Content” With More Fascist, Fraudulent Censorship

California: Health Care Worker & One Other Die After Receiving COVID Injection

Tulsi Gabbard: John Brennan & Adam Schiff Are Real “Domestic Enemies” Of US

Tulsi Gabbard: Domestic-Terrorism Bill Is “TARGETING ALMOST HALF THE COUNTRY”

Globalists Prepare For War Against “Domestic Terrorists”

DC Becomes A Police State As Tyrants Label These Americans As “Domestic Terrorists”

Official Government Documents Label These 72 Types of Americans as Potential Terrorists

Resistance To Tyrants: Are Men Really Supposed To Submit To Lawlessness?

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