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China Joe Biden’s Gun Agenda Is Neither Constitutional Nor Biblical

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China Joe Biden’s gun control agenda is stated plainly in both his statements and on his website. His unlawful vice president, Kamala Harris, agrees with it and yet, it is both unconstitutional and unbiblical. Therefore, I ask, where is impeachment against this criminal, lawless, puppet tyrant?

Articles and videos mentioned and others for further study in this episode.

Major Civil Rights Attorney Warns: Police Are Carrying Out Warrantless Home Invasions in Order To Seize Guns as Part of ‘Community Caretaking’ Duties


1. Kennesaw, Georgia

Kennesaw has the most well-known gun mandate in the country. In 1982, a law was passed requiring heads of households to own at least one firearm.

Other cities have used Kennesaw as an example for gun mandates

2. Nelson, Georgia

Nelson unanimously passed an ordinance making gun ownership mandatory in 2013.

3. Nucla, Colorado

Nucla became the first city to mandate gun ownership in Colorado.

With just around 700 people, Nucla passed what they call the “Home Protection Ordinance” in 2013, but does not actually enforce it.

4. Gun Barrel City, Texas

Gun Barrel got its fitting name as a safe haven for outlaws like Bonnie and Clyde during the Prohibition era.

The city’s motto is “We shoot straight with you.”

5. Virgin, Utah

In 2000, the city council passed an ordinance making firearm ownership mandatory. The mayor at the time encouraged this move because most citizens had already owned guns.

Mandated Gun Ownership: A Tale of Two Cities

Self Defense is Biblical

All Federal Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional

The Impact of Gun Ownership Rates on Crime Rates: A Methodological Review of the Evidence

Here Are 8 Stubborn Facts on Gun Violence in America

You Were Warned: Democrats & Republicans Are Looking To Take Your Guns

Chris Cuomo & The Donald Trump Tweet That Demonstrates How Red Flag Laws Will Be Abused

Red Flag Laws, USMCA & Article V Promoters: Leading America On The Road To Tyranny

Constitutional Attorney Edwin Vieira Exposes The Criminality Of Red Flag Laws

One Of The First Unconstitutional Executive Orders Biden Will Pass Is Gun Control – Will You Comply?

Congressman Thomas Massie Warns How Both Parties Are Looking To Take Your Guns

Trump: “Take The Guns First, Go Through Due Process Second”

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