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The Iron Triangle: Inside The Liberal Democrat Plan

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Why do the vast majority of Christian Black Americans vote for the Atheist/ Anti-Christian Liberal Democrat Party? Author Vince Ellison has written a book that unmasks the three agents of betrayal employed by the Democrat Party and answers this question. These three agents: most Black Preachers, most Black Civic Organizers, and most Black Politicians (aka the Iron Triangle) are utilized by Democrats to consummate their wicked plan to control America by inciting continuous race hatred in an effort to divide Black and White Christians. The Democrat Party is the evilest organization operating in the world today. Their leadership consists of a cabal of psychopaths consumed with socialism, slaughter, and sex who have pledged to drive GOD from the face of this Earth. And Christian Black Americans are their staunchest supports. Have you learned from history? Do you believe your Bible? Are you willing to fight? If the answer is yes, arm yourself & tune in!

Iron Triangle Book



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Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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