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Setting Brushfires 11-27-2019: The United Nations-Tied National Science Foundation & Virtually-Tied Education

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On this Wednesday’s episode of Rotten to the Core on Setting Brushfires, the Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor exposes virtually-tied global education agenda that is being pushed by Rep. Ted Budd and exposes how the UN-tied NSF is tied in with it. She also presents a call to action to parents, no matter how they are educating their children to demand that Budd remove his support for HR4286.

Here is the text of the call to action Lynne spoke about on the show.

Citizens, did you know that HR 4286 (Virtual Apprenticeship Tax Credit Act of 2019) is sponsored by US Rep. Ted Budd (NC)? HR 4286 is a federal bill and will impact all 50 States as well as all US territories and military bases.

HR 4286 seeks to:
1)  expand the federal government with yet another office and programs connected to that office
2) amend the US Tax Code of 1986 to allow businesses to overreach into K-12th grades
3) impact every single taxpayer in the nation, including children
4) impact every single student, especially in K-12th grades, regardless of their school choice
5) mandate more on-screen time for students, especially in the early learning years
6) expands the SEL (social emotional learning) assessments via data mining
7) mandates more P3s (public private partnerships) in education aligned to industry-based standards NOT educational standards
8) enforce the ‘cradle to grave’ tracking systems
9) creates a cyber tax system via bitcoins (similar to the Chinese Sesame Credit System)
10) uses ‘research’ from the experimentation used against our US soldiers to create false competencies
11) will phase out all education EXCEPT CBE (competency based education)
12) creates more ‘human capital’ streamlined data mining
13) assumes students are ‘risk factors’ to be controlled and micro-credentialed for that control
14) fast-track all students to have workforce based curriculum as early as kindergarten

Rep. Budd’s office has stated that HR 4286 seeks to end federal bureaucratic overreach in education, help close the ‘skills gap’, and lessen student debt load. The national economy will also improve as a result.

Ask yourself HOW his goals will be reached by expanding government control in education? Exercise your civic duty to hold DC accountable!

Call Rep. Budd’s office and protest HR 4286!
202-225-4531 *Ask for Sam, Rep. Budd’s education and workforce development specialist

*Demand Rep. Budd seek to REPEAL ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) where most of HR 4286’s ‘goals’ can be found. Demand a RESTORATION of FERPA (Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act). Cite US Code 20: 1232a that NO part of the federal government can overreach into education..including the funding!
*Demand Rep. Budd cut his ties with the Common Core Machine, especially big business.
*Remind Rep. Budd to read his Constitution and tell you where federal control of education can be found
*Question his office on how the IRS is constitutional? These tax credits will further embed the IRS in our educational system.
*Call your Representatives and Senators and share with them that HR 4286 is a danger to us all.

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