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Murder In The Name Of COVID-19 & The Bill Gates Vaccine

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So far, there have been several nurses from New York City, as well as some in the UK, who have come out and said that hospitals are not treating people with the alleged COVID-19 disease, but rather are neglecting them, or in some cases simply murdering them through neglect or malpractice. This is all transpiring as it’s being reported that the Department of Defense and DARPA are working with Bill Gates to produce a vaccine, which in times past, has not only not been effective, but downright dangerous.

Articles and videos mentioned in this episode.

Registered Nurse in NYC Hospital: Patients Are Left To Die, No Treatment, No Drugs, “It’s Murder” “It’s Out Of A Horror Movie”

ANOTHER NYC Nurse Whistleblower: Patients Not Dying From Coronavirus, But Are Being “Murdered” By “Gross Negligence and Complete Medical Mismanagement.” (Video)

Trump Department Of Defense & DARPA Partnering With Bill Gates For New DNA Nanotech COVID-19 Vaccine (Video)

Who Is In Control Of Operation Warp Speed To Vaccinate America? Donald Trump – & It’s Tied Right To Bill Gates (Video)

More Evidence Trump Is Working With Bill Gates’ Vaccine Under “Operation Warp Speed”

The Truth About Coronavirus Vaccines: Is This Why Bill Gates Wants Indemnity? Are You Willing To Take The Risk?



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