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If Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah Did The Things Trump Is Doing, Trump Supporters Would…

Trump Supporters

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Sons of Liberty radio hosts Bradlee Dean and Tim Brown discuss how some Trump supporters let President Trump get away with things they would have never let the usurper Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah get away with, or they seek to justify them. However, facts are stubborn things, and the standard is still the Bible… and in our form of government, the Constitution.

A few articles mentioned in this episode.



Federal Judge Strikes Down COVID Orders By Pennsylvania’s Governor & Health Secretary As Unconstitutional – Will The People Deal With Them As Criminals?

DOJ Tells California Governor “There Is No Pandemic Exception To The US Constitution & Its Bill Of Rights” – So, Where Is There A Provision For What The Feds Are Doing?

No Pandemic Exceptions In The Constitution – Why Is The DOJ Not Chiding DC Politicians?

Another Federal Judge Rules That Coronavirus Shut Downs Are Unconstitutional – Of Course They Are!

TO THOSE WHO STILL CARE TO KNOW THE TRUTH: Making America Great Again? Administration Promised to Eliminate Deficit, Instead Has Driven National Deficit Up to 8.3 Trillion Dollars!

For As Much As You Are Angry With Me For Telling You The Truth About The Wall, You Should Redirect All That Anger At The One Lying To You! We Are Not Secure…

Why Are We Not Hearing About The Wall Any Longer? Are You Ready For This? Broken Wall, Broken Promises

Trump’s Swamp List: His Advisors & Cabinet Who Are CFR & Bilderberg Attendees (It’s A Big List)

Donald Trump Promised Elimination Of National Debt – Put Us Nearly $8 Trillion More In Debt

Trump: “Take The Guns First, Go Through Due Process Second”



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Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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