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If Barack Hussein Obama Did The Things Trump Is Doing, Trump Supporters Would… Pt 2

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Sons of Liberty radio hosts Bradlee Dean and Tim Brown discuss how some Trump supporters let President Trump get away with things they would have never let the usurper Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah get away with, or they seek to justify them. However, facts are stubborn things, and the standard is still the Bible… and in our form of government, the Constitution. This is round two from the previous day’s show.

To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. -Isaiah 8:20

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Articles and videos mentioned in this episode.

Though Our Founding Fathers Warned Us Of The Two Party System, Americans Get Played By It Every Single Day & Every Single Election Cycle

Trump: “Take The Guns First, Go Through Due Process Second”

Journalist Demands Trump DOJ Answer Why It Demands Permissions To Exercise Rights Protected Under Second Amendment While Crowing About No Permissions To Exercise Rights Protected Under First Amendment

Congress Hides Red Flag Gun Confiscation In Latest 2021 NDAA

Gun Sales Skyrocketing: Greatest Gun Salesman In American History Is No Longer Barack Hussein Obama – Donald Trump Is Now The Reigning Champion…

‘Not Coming for Your Guns?’ Since Parkland Shooting, 26 States Have Passed 55 Gun Control Laws

While William Barr “Goes After The Deep State,” He’s Working With Them On Gun Confiscation

For As Much As You Are Angry With Me For Telling You The Truth About The Wall, You Should Redirect All That Anger At The One Lying To You! We Are Not Secure…

Why Are We Not Hearing About The Wall Any Longer? Are You Ready For This? Broken Wall, Broken Promises

Trump’s Swamp List: His Advisors & Cabinet Who Are CFR & Bilderberg Attendees (It’s A Big List)


The USMCA “Trade Agreement” violates our Constitution and sets up Global Government 

Constitutional Scholar Says Trump Is Carrying Out The Globalist Agenda

Connecting The Dots: USMCA “Trade Agreement”, the North American Union, an Article V convention, & Red Flag Laws

USMCA Was Not Trump’s Idea – Study Shows 57% Of It Contains TPP That He Opposed

Under “Most Pro-Life President Ever,” Report Indicates Planned Parenthood Performed Largest Numbers Of Abortions & Received Highest Amount Of Your Tax Dollars In A Year

Planned Parenthood Continues To Get More Than 600 Million Dollars A Year From Federal Government

Trump: I Have No Problem With A Sodomite “Married” To Another Man Running For Office

Donald Trump Promises “Forward Motion on Equality” for Sodomites – Says Marriage View is “Evolving”

Trump Demonstrates He Does Not Understand the Constitution: Claims Sodomite “Marriage” is “Law of the Land”

White House Correspondent Exposes The Antichrist Agenda Of Trump

Former Head Of National Intelligence & Open Sodomite Now Joins RNC As Senior Adviser – Focuses On Advancing LGBTQ Agenda

President Trump: I’d “Love” To Appoint Top LGBT Activist To “High Level” Position In My Administration


Flashback – Trump Adviser Declares: Trump First President To Take Office “Approving Of ‘Gay Marriage’”

Trump Admin Bans African Leader From US Who Announced Opposition To LGBTQ: “I Prefer to Anger Those Countries Than To Anger God”



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Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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