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LIVE: Michigan Second Amendment March (Video)

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This is a live video feed of the Second Amendment March going on in Michigan September 17, 2020. The following is the itinerary. Please share with your friends!

10:00 AM Joel Fulton Host*

10:10 AM Skip Coryell SAM Founder

10:20 AM Tom Lambert, Past President MOC Inc.

10:30 AM Christie Bass, Phoenix Rising Firearm Academy LLC

10:40 AM Jim Makowski, Attorney MGO

10:50 AM open

11:00 AM Bradlee Dean, host of Sons of Liberty Radio

11:10 AM Jerry Wayne

11:20 AM, open

11:30 AM open

11:40 AM Rick Ector, LAID

11:50 AM KEYNOTE: John Correia, Active Self Protection

12:05 PM MARCH Break: Music**, mingle

12:30 PM Senator Tom Barrett 24th District

12:45 PM Legal panel: Dean Greenblatt, Terry Johnson and Jim Makowski

1:55 PM Wrap-Up

*Speakers and times subject to change ** DJ, Dave Lipka




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