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Food Forest Abundance: Grow 6,000 Pounds Of Food Per Year On 1/4 Acre (Video)

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As food prices rise and food refineries are being burned to the ground, more and more people are going back to the old paths and growing their own food. Jim Gale of FoodForestAbundance.com joins me in this episode to share how he and his team, along with people from all over, including people in your community, are helping people start a garden on the land they have, including your front yard! They design a virtual Garden of Eden that will produce an enormous amount of food for you and your family, as well as provide enough for you to sell or barter with, plus help take care of those in need in your community.

Visit FoodForestAbundance.com and Jim has been kind enough to give 5% off to our listeners with promo code TIMBROWN

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Check out FoodForestAbundance.com here: https://shop.foodforestabundance.com/TIMBROWN & use promo code TIMBROWN to save 5%

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