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Dead Men Tell No Tales: Epstein Didn’t – Will Ghislaine Maxwell?

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Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime girlfriend, a woman who lured underage girls into sex trafficking and believed to be tied to Israel’s Mossad as a spy running a honeypot organization for blackmail, was alleged to have been arrested this past week and while she is reported to be ready to name names, one wonders if she will end up “suicided” like Epstein was. But who is she really?

Articles and previous interview with Dylan Howard, author of Dead Men Tell No Tells, mentioned in this episode.

Setting Brushfires 12-09-2019: Dylan Howard On Jeffrey Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Eric Trump Deletes Photo of Ghislaine Maxwell & Clinton After Users Flood Him With Pics of Her With His Dad

Ghislaine Maxwell Confidante Says She Told Her “Epstein & I Have Everyone On Videotape”

Investigative Journalist Calls Jail Holding Ghislaine Maxwell After She Doesn’t Appear On Inmate Search List

Ex-Business Partner Claims Epstein “Admitted He Was A Spy” – Prince Andrew Protecting Ghislaine Maxwell

Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israel

Even more on Ghislaine Maxwell…

60 Minutes Australia



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