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Health Passports: The Next Stage In Tracking & Surveillance

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The next stage in goverment tyranny is being attempted in the UK. It’s called a health passport. “A passport holder can present their assigned VCode using their smartphone, fob or lanyard printout which can be scanned outside of the 2 metre safe distancing zone. This can present extended information to verified health care officials (using platform permissions) or a high level, GDPR compliant screen to members of the public to confirm and authenticate their current health status visualised by a traffic light system.” Zed Phoenix joins me to discuss his fight against the use of this technology for tyranny.

Zed Phoenix has been an actor, filmmaker and investigative journalist, having worked on the Cash for Questions Story about political corruption.  He was the London 2012 Olympic Whistleblower concerning the G4S security scandal.  He also revealed the Phone Hacking Story which led to the closure of the News of The World newspaper. In 2015, he was accused of perverting the course of justice about an article he wrote about an incident between himself and a high ranking member of parliament in the UK, which he won.He also outed leading entertainment industry figures for being pedophiles and named names. Since then, he changed his name from Ben Fellows to Zed Phoenix and authored a book called: The Power of Great Dreams, which became a bestseller for 5 minutes on Amazon UK. He is now the CEO and co-founder of Govote.org.uk, which is a social media platform that is an experiment in democracy.

V-Health Platform UK

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