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A Tale Of 3 Florida Sheriffs: How Corruption Is Rampant From Top To Bottom In Florida

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From Sheriff Scott Israel to Sheriff Darryl Daniels to Sheriff Carmine Marceno, it seems that the Governor and Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) are just as corrupt as those they claim they want to bring to justice. I’ll explain more after the latest arrest of Sheriff Daniels and how politics play into all of this.

Articles mentioned in this episode.

Florida: Sheriff Will Deputize Gun Owners To Counter Protesters



Former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Lied On FDLE Application Similar To Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno – No Justice Brought In Either Case

Florida: Governor Can Get FDLE & State Attorney To Investigate & Arrest Former Asst. State Attorney For The Same Thing They Have Whitewashed For Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno

Former Lee County Sheriff Calls Out Lazy, Corrupt FDLE Regarding Investigation Of Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno & Calls On Criminal Justice Professionalism Division To Pull His Certification

Documents Reveal Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno Was “Not Recommended” To Be Hired At Previous Sheriff’s Office

Audio Bombshell: Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno In His Own Words – Obstruction Of Justice Or Was This Complete Incompetence – Or Both?

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s Education Fraud May Now Include Perjury

Former Lee County Deputy Dumps The Entire Carmine Marceno Criminal File On Florida Governor, AG & FDLE In Stunning New Letter

For the latest update on the Marceno coverup, check out this interview with former Lee County Sheriff Rod Shoap, as well as all of the links to my previous reports in the below link.

Is Florida Governor Ron Desantis Engaged In Corruption To Cover For Criminal Lee County Sheriff?



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