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Humanity Is “The Virus” & People Like Bill Gates Are Looking To Cash In On The Cure

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“Human beings are a disease. A cancer of this planet.” -Agent Smith from The Matrix

This is how those who believe in depopulation and are at war with the Creator think. They are always looking at humans in the very opposite worldview that the Creator looks. Men are made in the image of God and Jesus warned that if we will not serve God, we will serve something else, namely money. Bill Gates and the rest of those advancing a globalist agenda take that very position against God and His people, as well as others. We’ll take a look at just how that is playing out in this episode.

Articles mentioned in this episode.

We Are The Virus: COVID-19 Genetic Material Is Identical To Human Genome 8

More COVID-1984: Bill Gates Blames “Freedom” For Spread Of Unproven “Virus”







As The Government Is Acting Out Foreign To The US Constitution, So Is The Church Acting Out Foreign To The Bible -They Are Both Now Telling You To Submit To Tyranny By Taking The Vaccinations…




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