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Would You Like Some CHIPS With Those BRICS? (Video)

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As Russia and China lead the way with BRICS bank and the rollout of a currency that’s actually backed by gold, the US continues to play their ridiculous fiat currency, attempting to control every aspect of people’s lives, but it gets worse as they not only want to digitize every, single transaction of every, single person, but they want to put a chip inside people, clearly to track their every move. We’ll look at the various methods and then look to Scripture to see what the Bible says about it all.

Articles, links, videos and bonus videos mentioned in this episode.

Modern Money Mechanics by Tim Brown on Scribd


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Flashback: Sinead O’Connor: Fight The Real Enemy

Finally! Someone Is Suing Pfizer & Moderna… & Here’s The Reason Why

Source Exposes Chinese Web Server Detailing CCP Five-Year-Plan for Bio Engineering & Military Tech

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Finally! Someone Is Suing Pfizer & Moderna... & Here's The Reason Why (Video)

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