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When Unconstitutional Bills Are Out Of The House, In The Senate & The President Is Ready To Sign

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HR 2, The Moving Forward Act, is another unconstitutional bill that has already passed the House of Representatives and has found its way into the US Senate. No doubt, President Trump is more than ready to sign this bill, even though it is completely unconstitutional, just like his predecessors before him signed unconstitutional bills in which the federal government usurps authority not granted to it in the Constitution in order to swindle the people out of money, enslave them further and control them and their children.

Articles and documents mentioned in this episode, along with additional resources from Lynne.

THIS Is Progress?!




1) The federal bills outside of HR 2, which are bad news for education/America:

2) How the CARES Act (already law) and the HEROES Act (almost law) are harming education:

3) All my articles on Career Pathways and how they are Common Core (aka: College and Career Readiness). CPs also embed STEM, STEAM, STREAM, CTE, CBE:

4) All my articles on the education/labor merging of the USMCA:



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