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When The Police & CPS Target You & Kidnap Your Children Because You’re A Christian

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Don’t think it could happen to you? It’s happening to many families across the country. They are being targeted by Child Protective Services simply because they are Christians and they seek to input into their children Christian principles based on the teachings of the Bible. Patricia Henley joins me in this episode to tell the story of what happened to their family in California and how the police aided CPS in the removal of their children from their home, and it appears it was due to them being Christians.

The family has also started a Go Fund Me Page to raise money to bring their son home.

Click here to donate

The family has a hearing on February 4, 2020.  This will be their 26th hearing.  DCFS is trying to give the grandmother guardianship.  A new judge will be hearing the case.

You can contact the following on behalf of the Henleys.

California governor contact info:
CPS director Bobby Cagle

Below are court documents and a letter stating that the family should be reunited and not separated, which the judge and CPS have rejected.

Court documents related to … by Tim Brown on Scribd

Articles mentioned in this episode.

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