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We Cannot Know Where We Are Going Unless We Know Where We Have Been!

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Knowing from where we came is essential to knowing where we are going. Reminding ourselves of how God has worked in history in the lives of those who came before us is essential in that endeavor. My pastor, Benjamin Glaser, at Bethany Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church joins me in this episode to provide some history that many are not familiar with concerning the Scottish Covenanters who came to America and were instrumental in establishing the Church of Jesus Christ in the united States, as well as the governments in the civil sphere long before the US Constitution. And their foundation was always Christ and the Bible.

Books and film on the Scottish Covenanters mentioned in this episode.

The Scots Worthies

Hunted and Harried

Fair Sunshine

Scottish Covenanter Stories: Tales from the Killing Times

Lex Rex: The Law is King

The Scottish Covenanters – Documentary

Books by Douglas Bond

Links mentioned in this episode.

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Sixty Minutes to Go – Sermon mentioned by Pastor Glaser

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