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We Are Engaged In A Major Psyop Because We Didn’t Deliver Justice Against The 9/11 Psyop (Video)

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From 9/11/2001 and the attacks on the united States that ultimately led to the attacks over the past two decades on the people of the united States and their liberties to massive spending, increased growth of government and illegal wars to the massive psyop of COVID-19, we have tolerated it because we have not been valiant enough to bring the criminals behind both of these psyops to justice. Thousands are dead, many more injured and the same cast of characters continue on making money and gaining power. The only remedy is justice. We’ll take a look at these events on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 and also look to what the Bible says about conspiracies and how we can be a part of advancing the Kingdom but obeying the commands of God.

Articles, videos, previous shows and links mentioned in this episode.

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