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US Veteran Whose Son Was Killed By Cops Asks: Should Cops Who Kill Investigate Themselves?

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Michael Bell Jr. lost his life in a police shooting in 2004. To this day, there has never been a full investigation and the City of Kenosh Wisconsin refuses to turn over ballistic evidence to an independent investigator. However, Michael’s father has not only been able to advance one piece of legislation to deal with fatal police shootings by independent investigators, but another bill is being introduced this week. He joins me in this episode.

Please visit Michael’s website by clicking here.

Also, please call Mayor John Antaramian at 262-653-4000 respectfully demand he release the evidence in the Michael Bell shooting that occurred in 2004 and tell him you are offended that the city would seek to hide this evidence from the public in a 16-year-old case.

Plea for a change Facebook page

Previous articles we carried on Lt. Col. Bell’s story and the article Bell mentioned in this episode, along with videos mentioned by Mr. Bell.

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