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Tyranny Slayer & Basilico’s Owner Tony Roman: Don’t Give The Tyrants An Inch!

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Tony Roman is the owner of Basilico’s Italian Restaurant in Huntington Beach, California. He has defied the tyranny in every way imaginable to keep his restaurant open, including banning masks and encouraging people to be like family there, and he is winning the day! He joins me live from the West Coast for this inspiring and challenging episode.

Basilico’s Pasta e Vino

Make Restaurants Great Again

Read about Tony’s mom and the history of Basilico’s

See the great food at Basilico’s

Links, videos, articles and previous shows mentioned in this episode.

Remembering our friend Lauren Price and her amazing work on behalf of our veterans.


Lauren’s contributions to SOL.

Read Lauren’s obituary, provided by her husband Jim.

Lauren’s Celebration of Life Ceremony will be April 11th, from 12-3 pm at Meadowlawn Funeral Home in New Port Richey.

California Business Owner Rejects Mask Mandates – Tells Courts, Prosecutors & Judges: “I Will Give You No Authority Over Us Where You Have None – Because No Crimes Have Been Committed” (Video)

UK Nurse & US Businessman Call Out Their Government On COVID Tyranny (Video)

The People Of California Are Standing Up & Gavin Newsom Is About To Be Shown The Door!

Listen to Basilico’s voice mail.

Restaurateur Tony Roman Defies Gavin Newsom: Tony Roman speaks at ReOpen San Diego Speakloudly Event

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