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Ryan Bundy: The Feds Came For Our Family, Our Land, Our Water & Our Lives

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In 2014, The Bundy Ranch in Nevada became international news. The federal government was called out on its unconstitutional land grabs, as well as exposed for its thuggery of citizens. The Bundy family were surrounded by federal sniper agents as well as a small army who were hell bent on taking their land, their water rights and yes, even their very lives. But patriots stood in the gap for them. Ryan Bundy joins me in this episode to enlighten and educate the people on what took place and how they stood against the tyranny of the federal government.

For more reports on Bundy Ranch.


For the story on Dr. James Redd I mentioned during this episode, check out the articles below.

If You Think the BLM and Daniel P. Love were Bad at Bundy Ranch, Look at what They did to this Man over Indian Artifacts

Investigators: Bundy Ranch Lead Agent Daniel P. Love Stole Evidence



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