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Militarized Police, Delivered Bricks, Agent Provocateurs & The Attack On Us

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From agent provocateurs infiltrating peaceful protests, to the suspicious delivery of bricks used to riot with to the unleashing of the militarized police in the US, we are witnessing history unfolding in the land of the free and home of the brave. However, this, along with the sham of COVID-19 is being unleashed upon the people in order to ensnare them into tyranny. The question now remains: What will the people of the united States do in response?

Articles and videos mentioned in this episode.

After Massive Uprising, City Council Members Look To Entirely Disband Minneapolis Police Department

WARNING: Language… you don’t even need the volument to see what is going on.

Military Occupation of America Begins

About Those Bricks Being Put Out In Cities For Rioters… Wait Till You See Who Appears To Be Involved (Video)

The Plot Thickens: Doctor Claims George Floyd Had COVID-19 In April – Killer Cop’s Neighbors Thought He Was A Real Estate Agent




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