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Is The Man Who Is Exposing CPS On A Daily Basis Now Becoming a Target?

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Child Protective Services is being uncovered for the criminal organization that it is. Not only does it often remove children without warrant from their homes, but then will sometimes criminalize and defame loving parents all for the sake of a dollar. Jim White of Northwest Liberty News has been using his radio platform to give a voice to parents of children, who both have become victims of this tyrannical agency. Now, after exposing CPS’s criminality, including child trafficking, it appears that Jim is being targeted himself, but he is unwavering in his coverage of what could lead up to fully uncovering one of the biggest government-organized crime cabals in our country. Jim joins me at the halfway mark.

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Articles and previous interviews mentioned in this episode:

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When The Police & CPS Target You & Kidnap Your Children Because You’re A Christian

Montana: CPS LGBTQ-Supporting, Anti-Christian Workers Kidnap Kids Because Parent Taught Christian Values (Video)

Arizona State Senator David Farnsworth: CPS Is Trafficking Kids They Kidnap



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