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How To Sue Your Governor With Allan Stevo

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Over the past month of advocating for civil disobedience against the corona ban, many have been harmed by way of their job, business and a variety of areas due to usurpations of law by governors. My guest Allan Stevo joins me in this episode to talk about some first steps that can be taken to help set a lawsuit into motion.

Allan Stevo is an entrepreneur and a syndicated print columnist. His work has appeared in online and print publications such as The Daily Caller, the Hill, the New York Post, Epoch Times, and Economic Policy Journal, as well through think tanks such as the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, the Cobden Center, Mises.org, and many others. He is the author of several books, among them The Bitcoin Manifesto and How to Win America.

Articles and videos referenced in this episode.

How To Sue Your Governor

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DOJ Sides With Church Suing Virginia Governor After Pastor Who Held 16-Person Service Faced Fine & Jail




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