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Homeschool Mom Of 4 Tackled & Arrested For Not Taking The COVID Shot (Video)

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Michelle Efendi is a home educating mother of 4 who lived in Boston, Massachusetts. Several years ago, she attempted, along with others, to simply enter the state capitol building and because she would not don a mask or take the experimental COVID shot, she was tackled and arrested by multiple agents of the state. To this day, the charges are still in place while they have been dropped for others. You won’t believe what transpired in her life afterwards, but she is still pursuing justice in the matter.

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@efendimichelle It is illegal to be unvaxxed in Massachusetts. I am threatened w/ 6 months in prison for this. #boston #massachusetts #covid #vaccine #vaxpassport #j6 #jan6 #StopTheShots #bospoli #mapoli #trump2024 #trump #desantis2024 #kennedy #kennedy2024 #warpspeed #clotshots #massachusettstiktok #bostontiktok ♬ original sound – Michelle Efendi


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