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Groups Standing Against Minors Being Jabbed As Info Protests Shut Down Vaxx Centers (Video)

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A new approach has formed for dealing with the criminals who are set to murder innocent, unsuspecting citizens. That approach is to engage in information protests whereby the public gets the proper informed consent from protesters against the COVID gene therapy death shots. And it’s working! On September the first, I reported to you how The Sons of Liberty’s health and wellness expert Kate Shemirani and others were involved in such a protest in Brighton, England and the vaxx center they were at not only closed early, but lost several people to the real information. Kate joins me live from a vaxx center, along with Dr. Kevin Corbett from the northern part of England, in this episode to talk about what’s occurring and the opposition to children being targeted with this, and provide simple solutions brought by the People, not government.

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*Correction: The video below was actually a comedian who was trying to make a point of the depravity of the Dallas City Council. My apologies. I was made aware after the show.

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