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Government Spooks & Change Agents Spying on You

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It’s not ‘new’ news that the NSF (National Science Foundation) has long been in unison with the UN (United Nations), as far as education’s direction. All their combined roads lead to STEM and STEAM (short for Science, Technology, Engineering, (the Arts), and, Math). Why? These joint programs are a direct ‘change agent’ tool to reshape America. But the rabbit hole goes deeper…

Articles and documents in this episode, along with further documents for study provided by Lynne.

The Change Agents SEE You!

From the Files: PCAST, STEM and Common Core



For the more modern SEES from NSF (where the SDGs can be seen):

The CIA’s brochure for students (Note: this will need to be enlarged. STEM, as an acronym will not be visible, BUT, the science, technology, engineering, and, math will be visible. (Look above the ‘truth’ and to the right of terrorism, you should see directorate of intelligence along with directorate of science/tech.)


The partnership between NSF and the American Psychological Assoc. will show the mind agenda behind the science. **Where image #4 will be used.

Resources for listeners/viewers:
The 1989 National Science Foundation’s Report for SEE (Science and Engineering Education) now called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math). It’s over 500 pages

This ties to the 1989 Charlottesville Education Summit where ‘innovation’ was plotted as the entire future for American academics which has changed into workforce prep.
Our interview on that: https://www.commoncorediva.com/event/mimicking-communism-through-education-legislation/
(It’s in the resources below the video of Sen. Lamar Alexander that you can access the Charlottesville Report)

The NSF’s FY 2021 Congressional Budget Requests:

All my archives tying NSF to the UN and STEM:



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